Volunteer in Montpellier

Volunteer in Montpellier is a monthly meet-up that can happen both online and offline. During these events we connect newcomers in Montpellier with volunteering opportunities at Yeobi member and partner organizations.

Volunteering in a local non-profit organization can be a great way for newcomers in Montpellier to : 

Make new friends

Getting involved in a local non-profit of your choice can definitely help you to meet interesting new people.

Improve their french speaking skills

Practicing is the best way to learn French. Doing it while doing something your passionate about is even better! 

Get a better understanding of the city

Getting involved in a local non-profit, and meeting other volunteers and beneficiaries will help you understand the city better. 

Because we know that it’s very difficult to find a non-profit with cool projects when one has just arrived in a new city, Yeobi has decided to select for you a wide range of local non-profits with impactful and innovative projects and actions. Join us during our monthly meet-ups to find out more about their initiatives. You might be their next dream volunteer.  

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