You are a non-profit organization ran by immigrants needing support to increase your impact? Join the Yeobi federation. 

What do we do ?

We make you visible

It’s sometimes difficult to showcase the amazing work that we do on the field. Yeobi is here to make sure that your hard work is not gone unnoticed and that you can get the recognition that you deserve. We also want to make sure that people here in Montpellier know how important you are to the community. 

We help each other increase our impact

Running and developing a non-profit is no easy task and we often need help with a wide variety of administrative or strategic issues. Yeobi supports you with the information you need and organizes sessions to make sure that we can also learn from each others experiences and expertises. Our goal i to help you go pro. 

We work together to access new opportunities

It’s not easy to access funding or high level contacts when we are a smaller grassroots organization. Yeobi is here to solve that issu and make sure that you are valued at the highest level. We can also work together to organize larger events or projects and positively impact the lives of every day more people in Montpellier.  

An organization that shares our values

Sharing our values is perhaps the most important criteria for us. To join the federation you need to believe in : collaboration, solidarity, tolérance,  hospitality, and on the importance of inclusion for newcomers in Montpellier. 

Be a non-profit organization in Montpellier funded by immigrants

If you are a non-profit organization active in the Montpellier Metropolitan area and that your founders/some of your founders are immigrants, you’re exactly the type of structure we work with. 

Work to improve the lives of newcomers, share your country of origin's culture, skills and expertise.

All the members of the Yeobi federation share the same objectives and passion to improve the lives of newcomers in Montpellier, share their cultures and skills and expertise. 

Who can join ?

Interested in joining us ?

Give it a try and become an observing member for the next 6 months! During that time you will benefit from all the advantages of being in the federation free of charge. 

Looking for another way to help out?

There are currently over 300 immigrant led organizations in Montpellier. Help us support as many as possible by donating!