Yeobi Boost

Boost your project and help us reach more newcomers with the information they need


Who is it for ?


As a newcomer/immigrant, you are an active member of your community and you wish to help it more efficiently.


As a newcomer/immigrant, you run an NGO or non-profit organization in France and wish to be supported in this project.


As a newcomer/immigrant, you wish to become or currently have a micro-entrepreneurial activity? Yeobi is here to give you information about this particular status.



As a newcomer/immigrant, you run your own business and need some support? Yeobi's team has professionals who can help you.


Mentoring & networking

Contact our Yeobi Team when you have questions and we will either answer the questions ourselves or contact the right experts and professionals.

toolbox & workshops

Meet inspiring entrepreneurs, activists, professionals from a wide variety of sectors who will help you boost your confidence and project.

Meet our partners

Benefit from opportunities and training from partner organizations such as HelloAsso and others.

Be more visible

Be more visible in the media and amongst potential funders.

What we propose

Yeobi Boost is a partnership

Everything we mentioned above is free because we see your participation to this program as a partnership, or a collaboration. 

At yeobi our goal is to insure that every newcomer has access to the information and services that they need to live and make it in France. When you sign-up to our Yeobi Boost program you become part of the Yeobi family and share the information and services we provide to your community.

Frequently asked questions

Here’s a non exhaustive list¬†

For non-profits and community:

  • Communicating with a french audience¬†
  • Communicating online
  • Handling the administration of your non-profit
  • Mobilizing volunteers
  • Raising awareness¬†
  • Fundraising for your non-profit in France.¬†
  • Hiring in a non-profit in France
  • How do I lobby my ideas in France?¬†

We usually  try to adapt to the needs of the non-profits in our community and find the appropriate skills and expertise that will help them succeed. We meet all the projects who sign up.

For Micro-entrepreneurs and Convenience stores : 

  • Taxe issues
  • Entrepreneurial support organizations
  • Legal and administrative issues¬†
  • Communication
  • Website creation
  • Social Networks
  • Fundraising¬†
  • Hiring and labour law
As we just launched we are currently not supporting micro-entrepreneurs and convenience stores. This will come in the summer of 2019. 
  • ¬†

We’re currently building up the team and we’re hoping to launch it this summer.¬†

Our services for non-profits are free because we view it as a partnership. When you sign-up to our Yeobi Boost program you become part of the Yeobi family and share the information and services we provide to your community.

Easy ! All you have to do is sign up by clicking : here . 

The trainers and people who will be sharing their knowledge with you are experienced activists, non-profit leaders, and other experienced professionals. Our goal will be to connect you with innovative and inspiring men and women who have a connection with your project.  

During the past 6 years the founders of Yeobi met many incredible and inspiring community leaders and activists actively engaged in very socially impactful projects for their communities and environments. We noticed that many of them were rather isolated and needed help to learn about activism in France. 

We know people from quite a few countries and we will do our best to find someone who can help us communicate. Let us know when you sign-up so that we can make arrangements. 

Any other question? Contact us and let us know ! 

What they say about "Yeobi Boost"

The Yeobi team helped us work on previsional budget, open a bank account, and trained the 7 members of our board to run a Non-profit in France.

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