Join us!

Join our team and help us insure that every newcomer has the information and services they need to start their new lives in France and thrive.

Events organization

Our events help people who are not connected or who prefer a human connection to access the information they need. Be part of the team that will make those events 


Help us share our events, tools and information with newcomers from around the world. We also want to talk about the amazing contributions that newcomers have in their everyday lives. 

Tech team

You are an AI specialist ? A tech wizard? You wish to help us develop amazing tools to support newcomers in their settlement and integration process. Our goal is to bring together experts from different fields to make that happen. 

Community reach

Help us connect with newcomer communities from all over the world. Your job is to identify their needs and come up with practical empowering solutions.  

Translation & interpretation

You speak more than one language fluently? Help us get the right information to the right person by translating written information or interpreting during our events.  

Entrepreneurial skill

You are an experienced entrepreneur? You have a skill or expertise that can help a micro-entrepreneur, a proximity business or a non-profit? Be part of our Yeobi Boost team.

Become part of the Yeobi community!

Volunteers needed in Paris

We organize lots of events with local communities and need your skills in order to reach out to more newcomers. Apply now! 


What Our community says

As a developper I was looking for a project that would allow me to learn and develop my skills while at the same time to have a positive impact in the world. I found Yeobi!


As a professional in the field of refugee protection and specialized in geopolitical research, I often felt like we needed to do more to empower newcomers and Yeobi gave me that opportunity.


Other ways to be part of the community

There are many ways to be part of the Yeobi community. All the above but also the following ways :

  • Become a member : You can become a member contribute to the strategy and the decision making process of Yeobi. 
  • Donate : Help us fund our innovation and help as many newcomers as possible. 

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