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Moving to France is not as easy as it seems. After 10 years of working with newcomers, trying to help them with their administrative and logistical procedures, the founders of Yeobi have witnessed their despair and frustration when facing the many difficulties encountered during their installation in France. 

These difficulties affect all newcomers. Whether you have come to work, study, join your family or you have been forced to leave your country, the obstacles are often the same: language barrier, lack of network, complex administrative system, intercultural shock… Yeobi aims to facilitate access to essential information and services for any foreigner wishing to settle in France.

From Korean “sunny rain”, Yeobi wants to be a vector of hope and a provider of concrete solutions. Today, the problem is not the lack of information but the quality of it and the difficulty to access it. We have never had so much abundance with the Internet and social networks but the time spent filtering, understanding and verifying information can be discouraging. Our objective is not to replace the existing information system but rather to improve it. Yeobi’s actions are currently deployed in Paris and Montpellier.



Beyond providing easy access to information, Yeobi’s mission is to create connections and interactions in order to facilitate the social and administrative integration of newcomers to France.


● Yeobi offline

Yeobi Meet is the meeting space of the Yeobi community. Many activities are organized to bring people together and enable newcomers to meet, exchange, inspire or be inspired by others.

Tailor-made consulting adapted to the specific needs of your organization. This service will be available soon.

Yeobi Boost is a partnership for newcomers who are leading an associative project. Become a Yeobi ambassador within your community and benefit from different development programs for your project.

● Yeobi online

Thanks to our thematic videos in multiple languages find solutions to your everyday problems in France.

Artificial intelligence for newcomers. Yeobi Tech is a Chatbot which answers all of your questions and guides you through every step of your installation in France. Service not available yet.


Nathanaël Molle

Social entrepreneur who has spent 20 years of his life abroad. Founder of SINGA, a movement that creates links between refugees and the host society. Based in Montpellier, with regular visits to Paris.


Tsvetelina Angelova

Following her studies at Sciences Po, led by her interest in migration topics, she worked with refugees for 5 years. She is based in Paris.

Arthur Pastel

Developer specialized in artificial intelligence who, after several experiences within startups, wanted to give meaning to his carrier. Arthur is based in Paris.

Blandine Beaussant

After a Master’s degree in intercultural management and numerous experiences abroad, Blandine worked in various startups as a Marketing Manager. She now wishes to use her skills to promote intercultural dialogue and the creation of links between communities.

William Assemat

Following his studies in management, he worked for nearly 6 years in the United States in Investment Banking. After a long journey around the world of 2 and a half years, he decided to get involved in a project that makes sense to him. William is based in Paris.


Most frequent questions answered

Yeobi was founded by Nathanael Molle, Guillaume Holsteyn, Tsvetelina Angelova, and Arthur Pastel. Check-out our Linkedin pages and learn more about our experiences and skills. Yeobi is a collaborative project and we’re more than happy to welcome new members in our team. If you’re interested send us a message!

Yeobi is a non-profit financed by foundations, the french government, but mainly by our community! Check out how you can donate to help us fund the many innovations we’re working on every year.

Yeobi works for all newcomers from around the world. Whether you came to France to work, study, flee persecutions or wars, or join your family, we are here for you. Our goal is to insure that you have the tools and information to settle in France as quickly as possible.

Visit our “Join us” page and discover all the ways to participate in the Yeobi adventure! Join us!

Questions online are currently answered by our Yeobi Team. When we don’t know the answer or we feel like the case is too technical, we either contact experts in our community or refer the person to someone who will be able to give him or her a more tailored solution.

Yeobi is currently active in Paris and Montpellier. If you live in any other city or country and would like to see Yeobi there, let us know! It will help us decide where to go next.