Donate to Yeobi and help us change the way newcomers are welcomed in France

What will we do with your donations?

Organize more Yeobi Live and Meet events

Our free Yeobi Live events help hundreds of newcomers who are not connected or who need a human connection, to access crucial information in their day to day lives in France

Work on our tech for good projects

We believe that AI can solve a great deal of the challenges met today by newcomers all around the world. We are working on amazing solutions that need your support!

Hire translators and interpreters

We believe that the quality of the translation is key to insure that members of our community have access to the highest quality information possible and we are therefore planning to work with professional translators.

How can I donate?

Donate on Helloasso

Helloasso is an amazing site that allows non-profits such as Yeobi to collect donations. You can choose between a one-shot or recurrent donation, and download your tax receipt directly from your account.

Shop online and donate with Prizle

Donate to Yeobi by simply shopping online. A percentage of what you're paying online for your shopping will automatically be given to Yeobi. We love it!

Search online with Lilo

Lilo is a very socially conscious search engine. Collect drops at every search you make on it and give them to Yeobi. Lilo 50% of the advertising revenue perceived by Lilo is donated. COMING SOON !

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