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Yeobi is currently active in the Paris and Montpellier region, but we look forward to hearing more about the situations and needs of newcomers all over France. 

Our goal is to be the main solution provider for immigrants and newcomers living in France and to have a lasting on impact on the way  newcomers are welcomed (or not) in host societies. But in order for that to happen, we need to have very fluid communication and collaboration channels with members of our community.

For more information about Yeobi don’t hesitate to go on our About us page.

To contact us for the first time, please fill in the form below. Let’s start the conversation and together, change the way newcomers/immigrants live their lives in France.

If you prefer you can also talk to us through Telegram and Messenger. We currently answer in French and English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, but we can also try to do so in other languages if needed.

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