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Our story

What a headache! Living in France as a newcomer is not an easy thing. In fact, for the past 10 years, the founders of Yeobi have met and worked with newcomers from all over the world who very often felt helpless, not to say desperate, when faced with the difficulties of life as a foreigner in France. 

This reality concerns all newcomers ! Whether you came to work, study, or join a family member, or flee persecution, fitting in in France can be especially challenging when you don’t speak the language, have no local social network, and don’t know they way things work. 

One of the things that we realized was that there were no efficient solutions to solve that problem. The problem was not the lack of information. In the age of internet and social networks information is plentiful. The problem is the quality of the information and the accessibility of information. Today newcomers have the choice between accessible low quality information, or unaccessible quality information and we wanted to solve that problem through social and technological innovations. Our goal  has never been to replace the existing information system but rather to improve them. 

The Yeobi team is currently based and operating in France in two cities: Paris and Montpellier. 

What we do

Because our objective is to reach as many newcomers as possible we have developed 2 main axes of actions to improve access to information and services amongst newcomers!

Yeobi offline

Yeobi Meet

Yeobi Meet are networking social events that allow newcomers in France to meet and discuss about their lives in France but also meet locals, make friends and speak french.

Yeobi Live events

During our Yeobi live events, newcomers/immigrants are able to meet experts and others experienced newcomers to find solutions and answers to their day to day problems in France in their languages.

Yeobi Exchange

With Yeobi Exchange we support people who want to live short yet intense periods of time in Montpellier (France). This service is tailor made to satisfy each group we welcome.

Yeobi Boost

Yeobi boost supports 1) Micro-entrepreneurs, 2) convenience stores, 3) and associations created by newcomers and work with them to improve access to information and services amongst newcomer communities.

Yeobi online 📱

AI for newcomers

Our goal is to use AI to develop tools that will change the way newcomers access information the information and services they need but also how they are welcome.

Sharing information & opportunities

We answer questions and share opportunities and services with members of our community through tools such as Telegram and Facebook Messenger, or Viber.


Ultimately our goal is to conduct R&D on a wide range of issues that matter for newcomers.

Let's talk !

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